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Clinical Considerations and Patient Centricity in the Management of Bipolar Disorder 

This three-part video series reviews diagnostic challenges in bipolar disorder with a view to disambiguate mixed states from other commonly encountered mental disorders. The neurobiology of bipolar disorder is also reviewed with a futuristic perspective as to how new drugs for bipolar disorder may be developed and also how clinicians should assess and manage disturbances in metabolic and inflammatory systems in busy clinical practice. Finally, and up-to-date review of recent practice guidelines for the management of bipolar disorder is presented which aims to be both synthetic and ready for “prime time” application.

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Master Certificate Course on Mood Disorders

This 8 session program herein in cooperation with the Philippine Psychiatric Association provides participants with up-to-date information surrounding neuroscience as it relates to disease modelling in adults with Mood Disorder. Furthermore, this course provides participants with recent evidence as it relates to social and cultural determinants of mood disorders, and finally reviews and introduces treatment approaches capable of symptoms management. 

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Managing Depressive Episodes Across the Bipolar Spectrum

The program herein attempts to provide a synthesis of current controversies surrounding the diagnosis of mood disorders along the mood disorder spectrum, as well as provide participants with an up-to-date review of biomarkers and their relevance to the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorders, as well as a summary of evidence-based treatments for individuals presenting with mood disorders along the spectrum


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Thinking About Cognition in Major Depressive Disorder and Other Brain-based Illnesses 

The course herein broadly aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the causes, neurobiology, assessment, and treatments of cognitive dysfunction in mood disorders. The intended audience is all mental health care professionals in primary and specialty care who are involved in the management of mood disorders.


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