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New Study Evaluating Innovative
K-Opioid Antagonist in the Treatment of Adults with Major Depressive Disorder and Anhedonia

In partnership with Neumora Therapeutics Inc., Dr. Roger S. McIntyre, MD, FRCPC and the Brain and Cognition Discovery Foundation (BCDF) are pleased to announce they are actively recruiting participants for a new study:

The KOASTAL-2 is a clinical study aiming to determine if a novel selective k-opioid receptor antagonist (Navacaprant, also known as NMRA-335140) is beneficial in the treatment of adults with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). In addition, it is hoped that this new treatment will not only improve overall depressive symptom severity, but also improve anhedonia, which is a term used to describe the inability to feel pleasure or enjoyment in activities that usually make people feel themselves again as though they have their life back.


Our study will take place at research offices in Downtown Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to either an oral investigational treatment called Navacaprant, a selective k-opioid receptor antagonist (KORA), or placebo. The study involves 6 weeks of active enrollment along with a screening visit and post-intervention visit. Upon completion, participants may have the option to join in a separate open-label extension study.

Who can participate

  • Males and females (ages 18-65 years of age)

  • Have a diagnosis of depression

  • Have symptoms of depression


For more information about study eligibility or general inquiries, please contact our research team at:

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