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John Harrison, BSc, PhD, CSci, CPsychol,


John Harrison is an Associate Professor with the Alzheimer Center at the VUmc in Amsterdam, Honorary Professor at the West London Mental Health Trust, and Principal Consultant at Metis Cognition Ltd.  Metis is an applied psychology practice established to advise with the selection and successful integration of cognitive testing into therapeutic development programs.  Metis provide consultancy to more than 40 companies involved in the development of new drugs for indications including Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.


John’s recent successful activities include:


  • Assistance to Lundbeck with the successful development of their Brintellix anti-depressant compound

  • Development of the novel Cognitive Composite measure used to show positive effects of Forum Pharma’s Encenicline compound in a phase 2 proof of concept Alzheimer’s study

  • Assistance with outcome selection in the successful Souvenaid program for Nutricia


John has previously served as Head of Neuropsychology at CeNeS Pharmaceuticals (1997-2000), Principal Consultant of CPC Pharma Services (2000-2007) and as Principal Scientist at CogState Ltd. (2007-2011).  He has trained and presented on CNS outcome measures at more than 250 meetings at locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the United States and South America.   He speaks on the use of cognitive testing at various international meetings, including the American Alzheimer’s Association roundtable events, the European Task Force for Alzheimer’s disease and the THINC Cognition in Depression initiative, which he co-chairs.  He is a member of the American Psychological Association, holds Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow status with the British Psychological Society, and Chartered Scientist status with the UK Science Council.  He has authored/co-authored more than 60 books and scientific articles, including a popular neuroscience book ‘Synaesthesia: The Strangest Thing’.

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