COVID-19 research featured in the National Post

The National Post discusses a new study published by Dr. Roger McIntyre. The study discusses the potential impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on suicides.


JUN. 04, 2020

Dr. Roger McIntyre featured in Psychology Today

Dr. Roger McIntyre comments on hypocognition, trained incapacity, and the cost of not knowing as it relates to COVID-19 and Americans defying stay-at-home orders.


APR. 24, 2020

Dr. Roger McIntyre featured interview with PsychFocus

Dr. Roger McIntyre discusses his new paper addressing the current state of bipolar disorder with PsychFocus.


FEB. 8, 2021

Dr. Roger McIntyre interviewed on CBC

Dr. Roger McIntyre discusses the impact of long-term stress on our brains in light of the pandemic.


APR. 12, 2021

Research conducted by Dr. McIntyre about the impact of COVID-19 on brain health is featured on CBC

A review co-authored by Dr. McIntyre about cognitive impairment in patients with COVID-19 is discussed.


APR. 01, 2021